Third Eye Blind: Ursa Major

Released: August 18, 2009

Ursa Major was the first album in six years from Third Eye Blind. The sound is matured a little and seems to lean more in the direction of adult alternative rather than the more upbeat pop-alternative direction that this band usually demonstrated. There are songs that fit right in with what the band has done in the past but the overall sound of this album seems to be more alternative and toned down a little. While the overall sound seems slightly grown up the spirit of this band is just as strong as ever. Lyrically the songs are passionate and driven from the heart. “Don’t Believe a Word” is an interesting track that seems to have a conflict between the way things used to be and how they are now. I really love this song because it reminds me that great bands like this are still flourishing. “Bonfire” is a track that really captures this bands greatness with its melodies and lyrics that hit home about change and how we need to keep the flame burning on and on.

 “Sharp Knife” is another great track that deals with cutting through negative feelings and letting them go. The song is catchy and fun in the way it builds both lyrically and sonically. “About to Break” is a song about humanity breaking all of the biases and things that keep us apart. It sings about breaking these patterns and coming together. “Water Landing” sings about how life can be chaotic at times but if we take a step back and observe the situations at hand we can find a way to come in smooth with a “water landing”. These songs are great representations of why this band is so great and continually enjoyable to listen to throughout the years.

This album is very good but when I look back on the bands other three albums I would call it my least favorite. I don’t mean this is a negative way though, this album is great and I think everyone should give it a listen. I just feel that the bands first three albums have a little more of a spark to them and this one shows that spark at times. I think this album is a little more low-key than the bands prior releases which could have that effect but in the end, this is a great album that keeps the train moving for this great band. It holds to the spirit of the band while creating its own elements rather than copying what worked in the past.

Notable Tracks
Can You Take Me
Don’t Believe a Word
About to Break
Water Landing

Score: 8.75
Grade: B+

Third Eye Blind (1997)    9.51 (A+)
Ursa Major (2009)    8.75 (B+)


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