Hoobastank: The Reason

Released: December 9, 2003

Hoobastank made some major improvements in both sound and writing on this album. Their prior album had shown some potential but lacked the polish and musicianship that was demonstrated with this release. The Reason is an album that produced some great hits and I would call it one of the great rock albums of the 2000’s which includes many. Each song on this album has a cleaner sound with great build-ups and catchy lyrics. The band definitely made some major improvements between albums.

The Reason is somewhat of the binding of Hobbastank’s career. While the albums that they have released since this one are all good and stand on their own, this album set the platform for them to build upon. Over the years this album has for sure maintained its quality and continues to stand out as the bands strongest collection of songs. The songs of this album really represent the time and place in history in which they where written, recorded, and released. This is the perfect post-90’s rock album that pulls from the past decade and looked to the future with optimism.

Lyrically, this album is filled with great writing. Same Direction explores the true uncertainty of life and how no one truly knows what happens when you die, even the ones who claim to know. The song is powerful and energetic both lyrically and musically which starts the album off with a bang. From the Heart is a track that sings passionately about taking chances and chasing your dreams. Something we see to many people give up on as they reach adulthood. The title track, The Reason sings about finding someone that brings out the best in you and how they become the reason you are who you are. I could talk about each song on this album because they are all great in their own way but I will leave it at these ones.

This album is a complete work of art, not just an album that produced a few great hits and a bunch of mediocre songs. Each song seems to be held to as high of a standard as the previous one making for an enjoyable listen from start to finish. This album has some great songs that were not released as single so it makes this an album with more to offer. I can’t say that this album has lost its strength after 12 years because it still remains as enjoyable and memorable as it was in 2003.

Notable Tracks
Same Direction
Out of Control
From the Heart
The Reason

 Rating: 9.22
Grade: A


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