The Used: In Love and Death

Released: September 28, 2004

This album seems like a natural progression from the bands first, self-titled album. It seems to have a little bit more of an edge at times as well as a bit more charm and softness. This album has an even blend of soft, sentimental tracks and loud, aggressive ones much like the bands prior album had put forth. The lyrical themes of the album seem to stem from emotional pain, frustration, anger, and at times sorrow. Songs such as Take It Away and I’m a Fake are very aggressive tracks both lyrically and musically that both pack quite the punch. Songs like I Caught Fire, All That I’ve Got, and Hard to Say branch more into the lighter or more emotional topics of love, loneliness, and sorrow that tones the album together. I will say that this blend balances the album out where if it leaned one way or the other this album would come off as either too aggressive or too emotional.

This album is one of the bands best and is definitely a footprint in their legacy. It took the success of the first album and molded together a work of art that hits on various aspects of human emotion in a way that never seems dull or over indulged. This album, as well as the bands first are probably their strongest two albums but I will say their most recent album “Imaginary Enemy” seems to draw a lot of influence from this album.

Overall, this album is a work of art that blends the highs and lows of the human experience into an almost story-like journey of an album. You can almost envision a story of a roller-coaster ride like relationship or struggle in ones life play out. The beginning would show pain followed by love and a spark that becomes damaged and eventually explores bitterness, anger and frustration. I’m sure this album can be interpreted in many ways but to me I see it as an emotional roller-coaster with highs and lows ending with a big realization or possibly an exclamation.

Notable Tracks
I Caught Fire
All That Ive Got
Sound Effects and Overdramatics
I’m a Fake

Rating: 8.69

In Love and Death (2004)   8.69 (B)
Imaginary Enemy (2014)   9.13 (A-)


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