Paramore: Riot!

Released: June 12, 2007

Riot! Took a step forward from the album that gained this band popularity with a much cleaner sound than their previous release and included several memorable tracks. The band blends the sounds of punk and pop in a fun and invigorating fashion making for a fun listen. Most of the music on this album seems to topically lean in the direction of relationships and emotions which may turn some listeners away. But, for the most part each song is enjoyable and nothing sounds out of place or forced. This album has energy where its needed and slower and deeper tracks that even it out where needed.

Riot is probably the best album this band has made but I will say that their most recent self-titled album is a close second. Riot is fun, energetic, deep at times, and maintains a good flow and pace throughout. It works with a good balance of ups and downs in terms of subject matter and feel. While this band had already had a prior hit release, this album came as somewhat of a refreshing new sounding and exciting album. The mid 2000’s seemed to be somewhat of a dry spell for music, not to say that there wasn’t anything good because there was, but, this album was much needed in the rock scene of the time. It was something fresh, different, new, and exciting. It really set the stage for what the band could become in the future and seemed to open the door of opportunity.

Notable Tracks
That’s What You Get
Misery Business
Let the Flames Begin

Rating: 8.93


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