Eve 6: It’s All In Your Head

Released: July 22, 2003

“It’s All In Your Head” was the follow-up album to the bands smash hit album “Horrorscope”. It was also the last album they released before being dropped from their label and going on a 4 year hiatus. Prior to this album the bands sound stayed more in the realms of pop-punk. This album seems to branch off more into the realms of Alternative rock and sees the band taking on a more serious tone. The music on this album is a mix of highs and lows in terms of emotion and subject matter. Some tracks are fast paced, upbeat and fun to rock out to and others tone it down a bit and sound like they are driven from the heart.

There is a more personal element to the music of this album when compared to the bands first two albums. Some tracks such as “Think Twice” and “Still Here Waiting” are common sounding tracks from this band that fit in with what they had done prior to this album. The track “Hey Montana” is unique and different from what the band had done in the past. It’s an acoustic track that has a low-key blues type of feel to it. “Not Gonna Be Alone Tonight” is another track that seems to stick out because it has this almost monotone feel and sound to it. I feel like this album demonstrates a deeper side of this band with a more serious tone throughout but, the fun upbeat stuff is still there in tracks like “Without You Here” and “Still Here Waiting”.

Notable Tracks
Without You Here
Think Twice
Good Lives
Still Here Waiting

Rating: 8.57
Grade: B


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