AFI: Sing the Sorrow

Released: March 11, 2003

AFI had been around for some time before this album was released. They where more known for a punk type sound on previous records but, this album pushed some boundaries and explored a more alternative and post-hardcore sound while remaining rooted in the punk sound at the core. The songs have more breakdowns and builds than what the band had done in the past which was a more straightforward punk sound.  This album is the bridge between the gap. It took the punk sound that the band had established and explored some new sounds and styles which has led the band in more of an Alternative and Post-Hardcore sound on more recent albums. I will say, they did seem to return to this albums sound in a way on their most recent release, “Burials”.

The themes that are used throughout this album carry somewhat of a bitter taste and dive more into the emotional side of lead singer Davey Havoc. This is where AFI gets the Emo label that they can sometimes be given. The energy of this album varies throughout but has this almost monotone like feel throughout. I wouldn’t say that this is a depressing album but more-so an album that explores emotional spectrum’s that vary throughout. Some tracks such as “Dancing Through Sunday” and “Paper Airplanes” demonstrate the more aggressive sound that this band was known for on prior albums. Other songs on the album such as “Girls Not Grey” and “The Leaving Song Pt. II” have some energy behind them but don’t quite reach the aggression and energy of what the band was known for. For the most part, the rest of the album is filled with more low-key tracks that push the tempo at times but create an overall, lower-key type of tone.

Notable Tracks
The Leaving Song Part I
Silver and Cold
Dancing Through Sunday
Girls Not Grey

8.91 (B+)


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