Chevelle: Wonder What’s Next

Released: October 8, 2002

Wonder What’s Next was the major label debut for rock band “Chevelle”. This album started what has become a long successful career for this band and it holds some of the best rock songs of the early 2000’s. This album set the tone for the future of the band. It’s melodic buildups and aggressive style mixed with well written and unique lyrics on each song make this album a fun ride from start to finish.

This album was much better than the bands prior release and definitely set the tone for what this band has done since. The bands later albums demonstrated a bit more of a cleaner sound while this one has this more raw and somewhat gritty sound. The thing that did stand out on this album was the cleaver writing that was put into each song. While some bands can tend to have songs that sound somewhat generic, this album stars away from that and uses well placed builds, intriguing lyrics, and aggressive themes that most listeners can relate to.

The energy of this album is high and aggressive throughout. It’s like it grips and only loosens at certain points so you can catch your breath but then grips again. The themes of this album vary from trust issues “Comfortable Liar”, dispersing pain “Send the Pain Below”, pure rage from being pushed around “The Red”, and various other related emotions. As I stated before, this album is aggressive both lyrically and sonically. The music is gripping, energetic, and powerful. This album is a great starting point for those who are new to this band and will leave you wanting more.

Notable Tracks
Comfortable Liar
Send the Pain Below
The Red
Don’t Fake This

8.33 (B)

Wonder Whats Next (2002) 8.33 (B)
Vena Sera (2007) 8.53 (B)
La Gargola (2014) 8.63 (B)


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