Alien Ant Farm: Always and Forever

Released: February 24, 2015

Always and Forever is the first album from Alien Ant Farm in 9 years! Feeling old yet? The band is best known for their 2001 album “ANThology” which sprung the band to success which seems to have dissipated since. While the band released two other albums since then, the most recent being 2006’s “Up In the Attic”; they haven’t seemed to recapture the magic of that first hit album. I feel like this album is the closest thing to the greatness of that first album we might here from this band. Always and forever does have similarities when it comes to sound but stands out as an evolved and matured sound of the band. It recaptures some of the feels of “ANThology” without exactly trying to duplicate it.

I feel like the last few albums this band has put out only had one or two good songs and a bunch of forgettable tracks. This album on the other hand, is filled with great songs, non of which I would say don’t belong. One gripe I have on this album is the rap bridge on the track “Our Time”. I feel like all that did was diminish the quality of a good song making it just okay. The single from the album “Homage” is good but, for sure not the best part of the album. I think the strongest tracks on the album are “Sympatico” and “Better Weather”. Other than that, this album is an enjoyable listen from start to finish. It takes a step back in the right direction for a band that was once the great new band with a bright future.

8.71 (B)

Notable Tracks
American Pie
Better Weather

Anthology (2001): 9.02 (A-)
Always and Forever (2015): 8.71 (B)


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