Imagine Dragons: Smoke + Mirrors

Two hands bound by tape release a hummingbird into the air. The dark green background is littered with various lines and geometric shapes with numbers and symbols written into the top of the artwork. The words "Imagine Dragons" and "Smoke + Mirrors" are printed in white at the center of the artwork.

Released: February 17, 2015

Imagine Dragons became successful as the new guys on the block with the release of their 2012 debut album “Night Visions”. They came as a fresh breath to the alternative rock scene with originality and drive. After that success you know that this album comes with some high expectations which can be hard to meet. This album is almost like a part two to “Night Visions”. While it is distinguished and different, it does have the feel of following up what had been done on that album. This album is more driven by rock as opposed to the more pop sounding vibe of the previous album.

It almost seems as if the band analyzed their first album and took note of the strengths and weaknesses resulting in an overall stronger album this time around. Like the bands first album, the songs on this one are heart felt and powered by emotional drive. Night Visions seemed to have this quick burst of energy that quickly faded throughout the album. Smoke + Mirrors on the other hand has a nice build and maintains through to the last song which nicely polishes the album off. I feel like this album makes for a much better listen through from start to finish and has more solid tracks. This young band has shown their ability to build and improve. The future is bright for them indeed.

8.79 (B+)

Notable Tracks
I Bet My Life

Smoke + Mirrors (2015)  8.79 (B+)
Night Visions (2012)  8.71 (B)


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