Jimmy Eat World: Damage



“Damage” was the follow-up to 2010’s album “Invented” which, in my opinion was much to slow and not as high quality as what the band had done in the past. Damage takes a step back in the right direction and fits in better with the high points of the bands career. While “Damage” is more mellow than albums like “Bleed American” or “Chase This Light”, it has many similarities. It’s almost like this album blends the style and energy of those two albums with the slower and more mellow feel of “Invented”. One thing that makes this album fun is how stripped down and straightforward it is. Some bands make songs to dynamic which results in a good song losing quality. The songs on this album are written well and not overemphasized. This album is like a mature relationship full of ups and downs. It doesn’t whine and complain, it looks deeper and handles trials with maturity. Some tracks are slow and mellow while others are upbeat and catchy. This is all done while maintaining an overall vibe throughout the album that seems personal and heart driven. This is a good album, maybe not the bands best but, for sure their most mature album yet.

1. Appreciation   4.5 stars
2. Damage   5 stars
3. Lean   4 stars
4. Book of Love   4 stars
5. I Will Steal You Back   5 stars
6. Please Say No   4 stars
7. How’d You Gave Me   4.5 stars
8. No Never   5 stars
9. Byebyelove   5 stars
10. You Were Good   4 stars

Grade: 90.0 (A-)


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