Less Than Jake: In With The Out Crowd

Released: May 23, 2006

This is an album that I feel does not get the attention it may deserve. While it may not be as top notch as “Hello Rockview”, this album is very personal and spoken from the heart. This album definitely takes on a more serious tone while keeping the ska and pop-punk sound at its core. For the most part, the songs of this album are upbeat as this band is known for. Then there is the track “Rest of My Life” which gets very serious and could be viewed as a downer by some. I personally love this track and think it’s one of the highlights of the album. It’s different, deep, and packed full of emotion.

Overall, this album has some great tracks that are surrounded by good ones. There aren’t any sub-par tracks on this album. Each track seems to have been well written as well as placed throughout the album. There is an overall more serious undertone throughout which makes it feel somewhat of a more mature album compared to the bands earlier work. That being said, this album wasn’t any sort of departure but more like the band taking a more serious look at life and society. This album is very enjoyable and stands out in the long list of releases from this great band. I won’t call it their best, but it is a noticeable stand-out in the library.

9.0 (A-)

Notable Tracks
Soundtrack to My Life
Overrated (Everything Is)
Fall Apart
The Rest of My Life
Mostly Memories

In With The Out Crowd  9.0 (A-)
See the Light  8.81 (B+)


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