Chevelle: Sci-Fi Crimes

Released: August 31, 2009

Sci-Fi Crimes is an album I consider part of a bridge in the discography of Chevelle. It was released after the album “Vena Sera” which explored some new elements and this album continued that trend. Then the album after this one, “Hats Off to the Bull”, seemed to return more to the bands hard rock roots with less experimental sounding songs. If you listen to the different albums by this band you will hear what I am talking about. That being said, this album is interesting and I don’t want you to think the difference means this album is no good, because that is not true.

Sci-Fi Crimes carries an interesting theme along with it as you might infer from the title as well as an interesting sound to go along. Songs such as “Shameful Metaphors” or “Highlands Apparition” are two tracks that really stick out to me as being different from anything the band had done prior to this album as well as anything since. The track “Sleep Apnea” which kicks off the album is one of the strongest on the album. It has a great build and really starts things off with a bang setting the thematic tone for the rest of the album. The album kind of coasts from there and hits some slower points such as the tracks I mentioned a minute ago. This album has its charms but when held to the standard of the bands other albums, it’s sub-par. This album is enjoyable on occasion but not a go-to album when it comes to Chevelle.

Grade: 7.95 (C+)

Notable Tracks
Sleep Apnea
Letter From a Thief

Comparison to Other Albums
La Gargola 8.63 (B)
Vena Sera 8.53 (B)
Wonder Whats Next 8.33 (B)
Sci-Fi Crimes 7.95 (C+)


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