Taking Back Sunday: Where You Want to Be

Released: July 27, 2004

“Where You Want To Be” was the album that skyrocketed Taking Back Sunday into the loop of successful rock bands of the early 2000’s. The band had some success with their debut album “Tell All Your Friends” but this one for sure topped their debut and till this day is, in my opinion, their best album. This is an album that is really representative of the early and mid 2000’s rock scene. While some may refer to it as “emo”, I myself stray away from that term when it comes to this band and tag it more-so into the Alternative and post-hardcore genres.

What makes this album so great is that it doesn’t overdo anything. It is straight forward, bare-bones rock with well written songs filled with passion and drive. The album starts with the punchy tune “Set Phasers to Stun” which sings the albums title, “So pace the stairs to your apartment like its where you want to be”. The next track, “Bonus Mosh Pt. II” demonstrates the bands unique style both lyrically and instrumentally throughout. The next two tracks, “A Decade Under the Influence” and “This Photograph is Proof (I Know You Know)” are two of the bands biggest singles to date.

For the most part, the album kicks off great and builds throughout the first few songs. It then coasts to the finish with good songs from start to finish. What I love about this album is that you can tell that the band was still in its development phase as a young band but it stands on its own as a great album. It set a high standard for this band but maintained a sound that wasn’t so polished or overdone. It’s almost a raw sounding alternative album that is both well written and performed. While I do think this band has improved since this albums release I still hold this album as one of their best if not their best.

Grade: 9.0 (A-)

Notable Tracks
Set Phasers To Stun
Bonus Mosh Pt. II
A Decade Under The Influence
This Photograph Is Proof (I Know You Know)
One-Eighty By Summer

Comparison With Other Releases
Taking Back Sunday Where You Want To Be   9.0 (A-)
Taking Back Sunday Self-Titled   8.98 (B+)
Taking Back Sunday Happiness Is…   8.89 (B+)


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