Three Days Grace: Self-Titled

Released: July 22, 2003

Three Days Grace just released their first album with lead singer Adam Gontier’s replacement Matt Walst and before I get to reviewing the new album I think it would be good to go back and look at the bands first album to establish where they came from. 2003’s self-titled album established a deep sounding alternative metal style as a platform for this band to grow on. The lyrics as well as instrumentals come off as aggressive throughout the album. Most of the songs tend to be bitter sounding and almost grunge like. As if a track entitled “I Hate Everything About You” sounds like a mellow love song anyways! That’s as kind of a title as the track “Let You Drown”. This is definitely a bitter and emotional album from start to finish.

That being said, the album may come off a little heavy for some but for those who understand the darker side of the human psyche, this is an album that explores those darker corners of the human mind that deal with anger, bitterness, resentment, fear and so on. This has been a re-accruing theme throughout this bands career and it seems to be something that attracts an audience most likely due to it’s bitter honesty and revealing the “man behind the mask”. While I will say this album is okay and has some really good tracks and others that seem to somewhat blend together, it is the starting point from which this band has evolved and grown from throughout the years. You might look at it as their dark past.

Grade: 8.01 (B-)

Notable Tracks
Just Like You
I Hate Everything About You



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