Billy Talent: Billy Talent

Released: September 16, 2003

Billy Talent is the debut album from the Canadian punk band of the same name. The album was given high regards and nominated for some awards. The aggressive, in-your-face, style of punk that this band puts forth is gripping and fun. The sound is unique to this band making them something really special in a world full of rip-offs and copy-cats. I remember first hearing the song “Line & Sinker” on the skateboarding movie “Grind” and being automatically hook. The blend of melody and aggression was great and the sound was so unique and memorable that I had to find out who this band was. I am so glad I did because this band has remained great through the years and improved along the way!

The songs are representative of youth angst as well as common angst throughout life in the forms of mass lies, acceptance, indoctrination, depression, and violence. This album dives into most subjects that are common for a punk album and comes off agressive and fast paced making it a must hear for any fans of punk rock. This band is still putting out good material and reminds me that there are still some really good punk rooted bands out there. This band is really one of the gems that doesn’t seem to be as well known. I’m not sure that they have been commercially broadcasted much other than having a few songs used in movies. This band definitely deserves some attention from the rock community. This album started it all for this band and it seems like they have gotten better with each release since! Be sure to check them all out if you haven’t!

Grade: 8.29 (B)

Notable Tracks
This Is How It Goes
Living In the Shadows
Try Honesty
Line & Sinker
River Below


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