Hollywood Undead: Swan Songs

Released: September 2, 2008

“Swan Songs” was the first LP released by the Rap/Rock band Hollywood Undead. It is the bands only release with original member “Deuce” who was later kicked out and replaced with current member “Danny”. The band had gained a following for a year or so prior to this albums release thanks to the social media website Myspace. I know, Myspace has since become a thing of the past that no one uses which was almost weird to think of at the time but, for up and coming bands, that website was great! It was largely due to that site that this band made such a breakthrough which has lead to the success they currently have.

One of the things that I love about this album is it’s raw aggression from start to finish. Prior to this album everyone had heard tracks like “Everywhere I Go”, “No. 5”, and “Black Dahlia” which where some of the songs that got the band noticed on Myspace. When this album was released many people expected more songs like those three but what we got was better than most people may have thought was coming. From the first track “Undead”, this album is in your face and aggressive both lyrically and instrumentally. The next track “Sell Your Soul” amps things up even more and leads into two more party oriented songs. Throughout the album there are a few tracks such as “No Other Place”, “Bottle and a Gun”, and “California” that carry more of a fun or party-like spirit to them.

One great thing about this album is that as well as starting with a bang; it really finishes with a bang with the emotionally charged track “Paradise Lost”. Swan Songs is still as great as it was seven years ago! If you like the bands newer stuff and have not heard this album it’s time to take a trip back in time and check out the one that started it all with a bang! The band has for sure improved since this albums release but, there is something special about this album with it’s raw emotions and hard hitting songs that seems to make it one of the bands more memorable releases.

Grade: 8.72 (B)

Notable Tracks
Sell Your Soul
Paradise Lost


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