Third Eye Blind: Blue

Released: November 23, 1999

“Blue” was the follow-up album to Third Eye Blinds majorly successful self-titled debut album from 1997. Sometimes. after a band has such a successful debut album they seem to have trouble recapturing or stepping up the magic but for Third Eye Blind this was definitely not the case. Blue is an album that kept the ball rolling for this great band demonstrating maturity and growth. This album doesn’t top the bands first album but damn sure kept the ball rolling as well as adding a few new elements to the bands overall sound.

The bands first album had produced mega hits such as “Semi-Charmed Life”, “Jumper”, and “Hows It Going To Be” along with a solid remainder of songs that can all be held as classics even if they weren’t released as singles. This album managed to release some more really great hits such as the fun and catchy track “Never Let You Go”. The themes of this album dive a little deeper and into somewhat more personal places than the bands first album.

The one track that really sticks out to me is the albums final track “Slow Motion” which takes a good hard look at the world around us. The song paints vivid images and scenarios of the darker sides of human nature where things can take dark or unwanted turns. It dives into drug use, abuse, and murder in a beautifully harmonious way. While this album does have deeper and darker material, it still has some fun, upbeat tracks as well. Tracks like “Anything”, “Ten Days Late”, “Never Let You Go”, and “The Red Summer Sun” offer a lighter, more fun vibe throughout the album to balance out the depth throughout. Overall, this album is another great album from a great band but I wouldn’t personally say that it tops the bands debut album. There really aren’t any tracks that are sub-par and it is great from start to finish!

Grade: 9.13 (A-)

Notable Tracks
10 Days Late
Never Let You Go
1000 Julys
Slow Motion

Comparison With Bands Other Releases


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