It Follows

I’m not going to write a long review that dives into all the little details of this film but just simply talk about why I thought it was a great new horror film! If you have heard any negative things about this movie don’t let that deter you from giving it a shot because this is a unique and refreshing addition to the modern horror genre. This film feels like it came right out of the 80’s collection of horror but with vivid imagery due to modern technology of course. This film doesn’t rely on pure jump scares or gore but starts with a jolt and builds a sense of dread throughout.
The whole concept is about this curse that has been passed along from person to person which then follows or stalks that person until it gets them. If this thing gets the current target it moves down the line to the previous target. For someone to pass the curse on to someone they must have sex with that person. The whole idea could be somewhat laughable because it almost portrays this idea of “you better know if the person your sleeping with has anything along for the ride”. This film is creepy, eery, tense, and overall fun! If you enjoy a good thriller/horror and are sick of all the recent films full of jump scares and gore, this is the film for you! I think longtime horror fans will love this while those looking for a corny film of blood and jumps might not see the quality in it.

Grade: B+


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