Hollywood Undead: Day of the Dead

Released: March 31, 2015

“Day of the Dead” is the fourth album released by the rap/rock band Hollywood Undead. This album follows up 2011’s album :Notes From the Underground” which explored a more rock oriented sound when compared to what the band has done in the past. Coming into this album I was thinking they might keep that more rock oriented sound going but it seems like the band might have dug into their roots a little more for this one.

Day of the Dead seems to be missing a few things that I feel have been staples for the band in the past. First off, the band usually has a pretty solid, loud, upbeat track that kicks off the album but, the first track of this album feels like something that should come a few songs in. Usual Suspects isn’t a bad track but It seems out of place. I think the title track “Day of the Dead” may have complimented the beginning of the album better but that’s just me. Honestly, I think this is the least impressive album I have heard from this band yet. There are a few great tracks such as “Day of the Dead”, “Take Me Home” and “Gravity” but other than those three the rest of the album is less impressive than what the band has done in the past. I think this band is best when their music is more aggressive and rock oriented. There seems to be a sort of disconnect in the sound and quality of this album but it’s not bad. I feel like they dug into the sound the band had prior to their debut album and infused it into this one. That sound was more raw and less perfected so its like the sound lost some of it’s polish. The result seems like a back step rather than a step in the right direction. I think this band can still make good solid albums but this one doesn’t quite meet the standards they have set with their previous albums.

1. Usual Suspects   (4 stars)
2. How We Roll   (3.5 stars)
3. Day of the Dead   (5 stars)
4. War Child   (3 stars)
5. Dark Places   (4 stars)
6. Take Me Home   (4 stars)
7. Gravity   (4.5 stars)
8. Does Everybody In The World Have To Die   (2 stars)
9. Disease   (4 stars)
10. Party By Myself   (2.5 stars)
11. Live Forever   (4 stars)
12. Save Me   (4 stars)

Grade: 74.17 (D-)


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