Three Days Grace: Human

Released: March 31, 2015

“Human” is the fifth album released by Three Days Grace but, is the first release with replacement lead singer Matt Walst. Walst replaced original member, Adam Gontier, who left the band in January 2013 because of health concerns. He has since gone on to persue a solo career of his own. Gontier had such a signature voice that made up a big portion of this bands sound so replacing him is a hard task to accomplish. Based off of the first single “Painkiller” it was apparent that the passing of the torch could possibly keep this bands heart beating. It is a song that fits in with what the band is known for but the sound of another singer might throw listeners off a little.

While this album is the first with a new front-man, it still carries the torch when it comes to theme and subject matter. Overall the album seems to dive into the experiences of being human such as pain, anger, fear, failure, and pushing on through the tough times. This album keeps in stride with the themes and topics of the bands past albums. While it does have a slightly different sound, the effort to keep true to the bands roots is definitely apparent.

This album falls short of the quality the band had produced in the past. A lot of this is attributed to the new lead singer producing a different sound which is expected. The other difference on this album is the overall instrumental sound and progressions. It seems to be to stripped down and unlike the sound the band had on past albums. I would say this album sounds like a band that ripped Three Days Grace off…(cough cough, Skillet, cough). There are a few decent tracks but it all seems to blur together in a way.

Grade: 7.13 (C-)
Notable Tracks
I Am Machine


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