Three Days Grace: Human


“Human” is the fifth album released by Three Days Grace but, is the first release with replacement lead singer Matt Walst. Walst replaced original member, Adam Gontier, who left the band in January 2013 because of health concerns. He has since gone on to persue a solo career of his own. Gontier had such a signature voice that made up a big portion of this bands sound so, replacing him is a hard task to accomplish. Sadly, this doesn’t hold up with the bands discography. Most of these songs feel like good ideas and concepts for what the band always did but when it comes to execution and delivery on both a vocal and instrumental level it just feels off. This album basically sounds like a band that is trying to hard to sound “bad ass” or whatever it is they are trying to convey. The only positive comes in the single I Am Machine which fits in with the scheme of Three Days Grace but it’s still missing that signature vocal delivery that made them great before. Songs like So What, Landmine, Car Crash, One Too Many, The End Is Not the Answer, and The Real You make me think of bands like Skillet…Basically, those bands tend to copy other bands in the mainstream rock world in their formulas and deliveries…This album is basically like copying the copier…So, it’s like third hand bullshit. Enjoy the bands releases with the original singer because this one only serves to taint what good the band had going for it beforehand.

1. Human Race   3.5 stars
2. Painkiller   3 stars
3. Fallen Angel   4 stars
4. Landmine   2 stars
5. Tell Me Why   3.5 stars
6. I Am Machine   4.5 stars
7. So What   2 stars
8. Car Crash   3.5 stars
9. Nothing’s Fair In Love and War   3 stars
10. One Too Many  
3 stars
11. The End Is Not The Answer   3 stars
12. The Real You   2 stars

Grade: 61.67 (D-)


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