10 Years: From Birth To Burial

Released: April 21, 2015

10 Years harken back to the sound and feel of their first majorly successful album “The Autumn Effect”. They also managed to maintain the progressive edge they have built up since. I personally love the sound of this album and feel like the band recaptured a sound and feeling from an earlier time. I could almost say this album is like a long awaited continuation of the 2005 release. I personally like that this album has a similar feel to that album because it’s the one that made me a fan of this band with the pacing and content which is similar to this release.

This album fits right in with the bands other releases and seems to revisit some elements of their earlier release I mentioned above. The songs of this album put together a good blend of melody and aggression keeping the album from being too slow or too fast at any point during its entirety. It’s as if there is a sense of yin and yang or balance throughout the album. I have really enjoyed this bands past two albums and this one as well. Those two albums seem to stand on their own while this one as I have said already seems to revisit the past while maintaining the progression that has been made since. If you loved this bands earlier stuff this is a great album for you and if you are new to this band I would say give this one a listen as well as “The Autumn Effect”, “Minus the Machine”, and “Feeding the Wolves” to hear the slight difference.

Notable Tracks
From Birth To Burial
Selling Skeletons
The River

Grade: 8.68 (B)


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