Neon Trees: Habits

Released: March 16, 2010

Habits was the debut album by Neon Trees that became an instant success and produced one of the years biggest hit songs, “Animal”. The album has an 8 song track-list and a run-time of just under 30 minutes which makes it a quick, easy listen. Some may think of this as a lack of material but I look at it as more of a well put together and precise sounding album. I’m not sure if the band had many songs that where scrapped or not but I think this album is perfect with a lower amount of tracks because its short and to the point leaving listeners wanting more. This is a very effective debut album because of the formatting.

There seems to be an overall theme of young love and relationships throughout the album; as if the cover art didn’t already hint at it…This album really explores the ups, the downs, and twists and turns that come with falling in love. Overall, this album does a great job of conveying its purpose while maintaining a fun pace and not dragging itself out. Habits gives listeners the perfect introduction to this great modern rock band and leaves you wanting more. The band has since released a follow-up album that builds on the foundation that was laid out by this one. If you want an enjoyable modern rock album that is neither to loud and aggressive or to soft; this is a great album to listen to!

Grade: 8.92 (B+)

Notable Tracks
Sins of My Youth
Love and Affection
Girls and Boys In School

Pop Psychology 8.77 (B+)
Habits 8.92 (B+)


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