Rise Against: The Sufferer and the Witness

“The Sufferer and the Witness” was the follow-up to this bands first major label release, “Siren Songs of the Counter Culture”. This album came with a little more polish but just as much passion and emphasis as the bands prior work. While some people may call this a point of “selling out” I look at it as a great band simply growing and becoming better. This seems to happen a lot in punk rock. A band’s sound becomes a little cleaner and people automatically think they lost their edge. When you look at the core of this album and the themes it presents, you know that this is still the same great band that put out those prior releases.
1. Intro/Chamber the Cartridge   4 stars
2. Injection   4 stars
3. Ready to Fall   5 stars
4. Bricks   4.5 stars
5. Under the Knife   5 stars
6. Prayer of the Refugee   5 stars
7. Drones   5 stars
8. The Approaching Curve 4 stars
9. Worth Dying For  4 stars
10. Behind Closed Doors   5 stars
11. Roadside   5 stars
12. The Good Left Undone   5 stars
13. Survive   4.5 stars
Grade: 92.31

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