Incubus: Trust Fall EP (Side A)

Released:  May 12, 2015
It’s been four years since Incubus released their most recent album “If Not Now, When?” which, in my opinion, was one of their least impressive albums when compared to past releases. It just felt to low key and lacked the things I came to love about this band in the past. This EP reminds me a lot of their albums “Morning View” and “Light Grenades” with it’s melodies and punctuations. Each of these four songs is great and has a life of its own demonstrating the different feels and vibes this band can put forth.
The first track “Trust Fall” sounds like a lost track from the album “Light Grenades” that puts its foot down and lets you know this band still has its magic. Then next track, “Make Out Party” is a really interesting one that at first listen turned me off but became very addicting after a few more listens. While it can sound and feel creepy at times, it becomes very seductive and catchy. “Absolution Calling” has a very nice build that never really seems to peak but more-so plateau’s in a nice way and holding out for the remainder. The last track on the EP, “Dance Like Your Dumb” is a fun, carefree song that is filled with youth and angst.
Grade: 9.1 (A-)
Track-list and Rating
1. Trust Fall: 4.5 Stars
2. Make Out Party: 5 Stars
3. Absolution Calling: 5 Stars
4. Dance Like Your Dumb: 4 Stars

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