Simple Plan: Still Not Getting Any

Released: October 25, 2004

“Still Not Getting Any” is the sophomore release from the pop-punk band Simple Plan. This band had found success and gained a lot of radio play with their first album “No Pads, No Helmets…Just Balls”. The album produced some hit singles but was overall a little rough around the edges. This time around the band produced a more polished sound and an overall stronger album.

This album has some fun songs and some more serious songs. I would say that they dug a little deeper on this one and produced songs that where a little deeper and filled with emotion. I think this worked out well for them because it makes more of a connection with the listeners and gives the album more of a lasting value compared to the bands first release.

In the end, this album is one of the bands best because it takes the elements that worked out well on the first album, enhances them, and the result is a stronger and more coherent album. Songs like “Welcome To My Life”, “Perfect World”, “Everytime”, and “Promise” all demonstrate a cleaner sound and lyrics that came from the heart. Overall, this album is more cleaver, emotionally deeper, and more consistently gripping throughout than the bands debut.

Grade: 8.9 (B+)

Notable Tracks
Shut Up
Welcome To My Life
Perfect World


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