Best Coast: California Nights

Released: May 1, 2015
“California Nights” is the third album released by Best Coast, an Indie Rock duo from LA. This is the first album I have personally heard from them and I have to say, I have stumbled across something great! I have yet to hear anything prior to this album but plan on checking their other two releases out in the future. In the meantime, I have really been enjoying this album with its summer vibes and catchy lyrics. If you are looking for a feel good album for the summer look no further! This album is perfect for summertime if you may not have already gotten a hint from the title.
This album has a mix of happy love songs, emotional breakup songs, and a bitter song or two that mix well to create an overall fun vibe. One track that I find really interesting is the track “Heaven Sent” because it has a similar feel to a song the B-52’s or UB40. Each song on this album is very enjoyable and I can’t say it has any filler tracks. This album does a good job of looking into the ups and downs of relationships without becoming to sappy or depressing. If you are looking for a fun summertime album then this is a great new release to check out!
Notable Tracks
Feeling OK
Fine Without You
Heaven Sent
California Nights
Grade: 8.6 (B)

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