Matt Skiba and the Sekrets: Kuts

“Kuts” expands upon the foundation that was built on the bands first album “Babylon”. Babylon was somewhat of a dark album, Kuts on the other hand is more of an emotionally charged venture dealing primarily with love and relationships. This album has this almost 80’s dance pop feel to it, but with Skiba’s special touch that gives the music a sort of haunting feel to it. Skiba has a way of taking a sad song and making it enjoyable rather than depressing. This is demonstrated in the first track “Lonely and Kold” which explores a fight with depression and uses the analogy of “bottom of the bottle” being lonely and cold. While the subject is depressing, the way in which it is sung is catchy and sounds like a dance pop track which lightens the mood.
“She Wolf’ dives into what seems to be some sort of controlling or abusive relationship but its also a song that seems somewhat open to interpretation. The track is enjoyable and continues this sort of somber feel that seems to be a theme on the album. “Krazy” is one of my personal favorites on the album that deals with losing someone that is very important to you and going crazy without them. “She Said” deals with an angry break up. “I Just Killed To Say I Love You” is another dark track that almost makes me think of The Cure in a way. The track has this almost gothic feel to it and carries a dark theme which is something Skiba does really well.
This is a song that probably wouldn’t make it’s way onto an Alkaline Trio track as are most of the tracks he does with the Sekrets. “Way Bakk When” revisits the theme from the track “Krazy”, this time looking back to the past and longing to relive special moments. The remainder of the tracks continue this somber feel of loneliness and depression. So, overall this album “Kuts” deep as the title indicates and explores human emotion and some of its darkness. This album isn’t as dark as “Babylon” was but, carries a more somber sort of feel to it.
Grade: 8.17 (B-)

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