Breaking Benjamin: Dark Before Dawn

Dark Before Dawn album cover.jpgReleased: June 23, 2015

This album fits right in with the bands previous two albums; Dear Agony (2009) and Phobia (2006) with its sound, themes, and overall feel. After 6 years without a new album, this one will definitely satisfy fans who have been waiting a long time! The album has an intro and outro that feel similar to the ones on previous albums almost is if each album is a new chapter. The sound is like a fine tuned version of the previous releases. For example, the track “Breaking the Silence” has some growl-like screams which was something absent from Phobia and made a brief re-appearance on Dear Agony but was really something used more-so on the bands first two albums.

The track “Hollow” also has a really nicely done quick one towards the end of the song. Tracks such as “Close To Heaven”, “Never Again”, and “Ashes of Eden” demonstrate the bands more emotional side while maintaining the overall feel and energy of the album and not coming off as sappy or downers. The final track before the outro; “Defeated” is another one of my favorites on the album. It’s a strong track that has the spirit of taking a stand and facing your demons ending the album on a powerful note.

Overall, this album is a breath of fresh air from a band that has not had a new release in 6 years. It recaptures what was good about their past albums while adding a new trick or two. Long-time fans of this band should really enjoy this one and if you like alternative and hard-rock then you should give this album a try! Its new, its fresh, its not the same, but the band remembers who they are throughout the whole album.

Grade: 9.4 (A)
Notable Tracks

Close To Heaven
The Great Divide
Ashes of Eden

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Phobia (2006)


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