Anti-Flag: American Spring


Released: May 26, 2015

American Spring is nothing out of the ordinary for punk rockers Anti-Flag. The album starts out with the track “Fabled World” which sings of the world of illusion around us where we are taught to be afraid of many different things for control. The album sings of imposed separation on humanity and the power of the people to take it back. Throughout the album are themes of standing up to oppression. “All of the Poison, All of the Pain” sings of trying to escape the “poison” and corruption in our modern world which seems to be polluted at almost every level. “Break Something” is a really good punk track that takes the frustration built up from these topics and goes wild. The song is pretty simple but is filled with energy and is sure to get punk fans inspired. For the most part, this album is good from start to finish with some re-occurring themes throughout. This album isn’t filled with instant classics but rather is filled with good songs and nothing that sounds or feels out of place. This is a good album for this band. Long-time fans will enjoy it and if you haven’t heard them give it a try. You may just like it!

Grade: 8.6 (B)

Notable Tracks
Fabled World
Brandenburg Gate
Sky Is Falling
Break Something


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