It’s Been a Little Slow Lately…

The last month has been slow in terms or reviews and posts from me and I know. The reason for this was the cray month I have had due to getting married, going on my honeymoon, and moving when I got back. Now that we are happily settled into a new home I can catch my breath and get back to the everyday things I enjoy, including this blog! I will have a new review up in the next day or so and from there they will be coming more often! There is a lot of good music I have been listening to that I will talk about! One music news story I am very excited about recently is the news that blink-182 is officially entering the studio with new member, Matt Skiba in August to begin recording their new album!

I know some people have the attitude of “blink isn’t blink without Tom” but here is my take on things. Tom is still a great musician but I feel he has grown out of blink. He wanted to turn blink-182 into something else and that most likely caused some tension. At some point I think Mark or/and Travis may have told him that blink-182 is not going to become Angels and Airwaves 2.0. It was very apparent on the album Neighborhoods that Tom had brought some space rock sound to the music. That album was good but this added element wasn’t the blink we all knew and loved. The Dogs Eating Dogs EP had some great tracks that made me think the band was heading back in the right direction but then came the news that Tom was again, out of the band.

Earlier this year, Alkaline Trio frontman, Matt Skiba stepped in for a few shows and brought new life to blink-182. They sounded like the band I and many other fans fell in love with. It was stripped down, fast, fun, punk rock! I know, blink-182 is technically “pop-punk” but we can save that discussion for another time. I myself thought the legal side of this issue was going to take forever so when I woke up to this news a week or so ago I was amazed! Tom, Mark, and Travis have finally made it official and Matt is now a permanent member of the band. I am very excited to hear new music with Matt Skiba because if you don’t yet know, the guy is a killer front man and punk rocker! Listen to some Alkaline Trio or his other project Matt Skiba and the Sekrets. I think blink-182 has just received a fresh breath of life! I think the new music will most likely sound and feel more like the blink we heard on Enema of the State and Take Off Your Pants and Jacket.


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