Metric: Fantasies



Metric is a band that I have heard mentioned by artists I really like but for some reason never really got around to listening to them until recently after seeing they have a new album coming out on September 18th. After checking out their new single I decided to go back and listen to their previous two releases. I can definitely say I have found another great band and why the hell have I not been listening to this for the past 6 years!? One thing that sticks out about this band to me or really catches my ear is the sound. It reminds me of the Cardigans but has its own unique touch. This is what good indie, new wave rock sounds like! Each song on this album is great in its own way, there aren’t any dull moments on this one! The first song on the album, “Help I’m Alive” kicks things off very well and works as somewhat of an attention grabber. From there this album never misses a beat and flows together very well from start to finish! The songs are catchy, poppy, fun, energetic, and just overall great! If you have been missing out on this music as I have been, go listen to it as soon as possible! A lot of times, albums tend to take a few listens before they click with new listeners, especially if you aren’t too familiar with the band. This album is one of those special albums that has caught my attention the first time through. The fact that this was and is a new band to me makes it all the more exciting! I can’t wait to hear their new album “Pegans In Vegas” when it comes out on September 18th!

Grade: 9.0 (A-)

Notable Tracks
Help, I’m Alive
Gold Guns Girls
Front Row
Stadium Love


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