AFI: Burials

AFI Burials.jpg


Burials shows AFI: “A Fire Inside”, re-ignighting that fire inside after 2009’s “Crash Love” seemed to take on a less aggressive and more melody driven sound. Burials takes the energy and aggression from earlier albums such as “Sing The Sorrow” and “Decemberunderground” as well as slight hints of even earlier, more raw releases by the band. I’m sure long time fans of this band are happy with this release and if you ask me, it shows that this band respects where they came from as well as its identity. Burials takes the aggression of the old and blends it with the more polished and melodic sound of their more modern releases into a sound that really encompasses who this band is. The lead single “I Hope You Suffer” sounds like a track that was missing from “Sing the Sorrow” and the track “17 Crimes” like one missing from “Decemberunderground”. This album respects the past, embraces the present, and sets it’s sights on the future of this blended style band.

Grade: 8.5 (B)

Notable Tracks
I Hope You Suffer
17 Crimes
Greater Than 84


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