Matchbox Twenty: Yourself or Someone Like You

Matchbox Twenty - Yourself or Someone Like You.jpg


“Yourself or Someone Like You” really shines as the album that gave Matchbox Twenty mainstream success with the several hit’s that it produced. This album is almost twenty years old now and it still holds its value. The songs on this album are just as great today as they where when they where first released. Half of the tracks on this album where big radio hits following the release and continue to receive regular air play on most alternative radio stations. Songs such as “Real World”, “3 AM”, “Push”, “Back To Good”, and “Shame” are some of the major hits that this album contains. But, the great thing is, the rest of the songs are just as good, they just weren’t used as radio hits. This is one of those debut albums that really sets a band up for success and Matchbox Twenty has continued to make more great music.

1. Real World   5 stars
2. Long Day   5 stars
3. 3 AM   5 stars
4. Push   5 stars
5. Girl Like That   4 stars
6. Back 2 Good   5 stars
7. Damn   4 stars
8. Argue   4 stars
9. Kody   4.5 stars
10. Busted  4 stars
11. Shame   5 stars
12. Hang   5 stars

Grade: 92.5 (A-)


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