Green Day: Dookie

Green Day - Dookie cover.jpg


Any fan of Green Day will tell you that “Dookie” was and is one of the bands best if not the best album they have released to date. Dookie was the bands third album and it was huge! Dookie is a fast paced punk album that captures the world of the suburban teenage wasteland that was the 90’s. From the very first words of the album “I declare I don’t care no more”, this album expresses teenage angst time and time again throughout. This album helped push the resurgence of punk rock into American youth in the early 90’s and Green Day deserves some credit for that. This album gives a good glance into the American culture of 1994 in a way similar to what the Ofspring did with their album “Americana” a few years later. Billy Joe Armstong really demonstrated his songwriting ability on this album. These songs aren’t just brainless, catchy tunes that the radio stations loved; they dig a little deeper than that.

1. Burnout   5 stars
2. Having a Blast   4.5 stars
3. Chump   5 stars
4. Longview   5 stars
5. Welcome To Paradise   5 stars
6. Pulling Teeth   4 stars
7. Basket Case   5 stars
8. She   5 stars
9. Sassafras Roots   4.5 stars
10. When I Come Around   5 stars
11. Coming Clean   5 stars
12. Emenius Sleepus   4.5 stars
13. In The End   5 stars
14. F.O.D.   5 stars

Grade: 96.43 (A+)


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