Story of the Year: In the Wake of Determination



“In The Wake of Determination” is the sophomore album from Story of the Year that followed up their successful debut album, “Page Avenue”. This album has a heavier overall sound than the bands first album did and gives off the sense that the band felt more comfortable in their own shoes. While this album didn’t do as well in the sales department as the bands first release I don’t think it was because people thought less of this album but more-so that this band had much more publicity with their first release. I feel like this band was put on the back burner even though they continued to make great new music that was as good if not better than other popularized rock bands of the time. This album has heart, it has angst, and it provides a good picture of the American culture of the time with songs like “We Don’t Care Anymore”, “Take Me Back”, or even the loud, in your face track, “Stereo” which sings of the media manipulation of the 21st century and how everyone is “bought and sold”. Overall, this album doesn’t play it safe and stick to the successful formula of the bands first release. It pushed the envelope and tried new things while maintaining the core sound that the band had established. I feel like this band continued making great music after their first album but due to the lack of air-play someĀ people forgot about them. They have a total of four albums to date which are all great in their own way and they will hopefully make another in the near future!

My Favorite Tracks
We Don’t Care Anymore
Take Me Back
Our Time Is Now
Pay Your Enemy

Grade: 8.9 (B+)

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