Bullet For My Valentine: Venom

BFMV Venom.jpg


I Feel like Bullet For My Valentine has been a little “hit or miss” with each album but they are a strong band that shows potential. Their previous release “Temper Temper” showed some promise on some songs but seemed to be missing something. I feel this band was strongest with their first two albums. This album feels a lot more like those first two albums and seems to flow together much better as a whole. The first song after the intro “No Way Out” sounds like a missing track from “The Poison” but with a touch of polish. The track “Worthless” is reminiscent of the bands old hit “All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me)” in some way I can’t quite put my finger on. “You Want a Battle (Here’s a War)”  is another track that reminds me of the bands first two albums much more than most of their recent music both in the sound and the structure of the song itself. The title track “Venom” is another notable track on the album that fits right in well with the others I just mentioned. One thing I really like about this album is its finally, “Pariah”. This song is aggressive on the instrumentals and catchy on the lyrics mixing a perfect blend of power and fines throughout its duration. This is one of this bands strongest albums yet. I feel like this is one of those albums where the band revisited their roots and added touches of what they picked up since the beginning resulting in a sound and style that new and longtime fans will both enjoy.

My Favorite Tracks
No Way Out
You Want a Battle (Here’s a War)

Grade: 8.9 (B+)

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