P.O.D. : Awakening


P.O.D. is a band that is pretty well established but mostly known for some of their earlier albums, especially 2001’s smash hit album “Satellite” which produced major hits like “Boom” and “Youth of the Nation”. I would consider it to be one of the best hard rock albums of the 2000’s in the likes of Linkin Park’s “Hybrid Theory”. Now, fast forward 14 years and 5 albums later to where we are today. This album has it’s moments but falls way short of the bar they set for themselves. Sound-wise, it works but they hurt the overall quality of the albums with an over-abundance of sound-bites. It’s fun, but not their best.

1. Am I Awake   4 stars
2. This Goes Out To You   5 stars
3. Rise of NWO   3 stars
4. Criminal Conversations   4 stars
5. Somebody’s Trying To Kill Me   2 stars
6. Get Down   3.5 stars
7. Speed Demon   4 stars
8. Want It All   3 stars
9. Revolucion  4 stars
10. The Awakening   4 stars

Grade: 73.0 (C)


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