Alkaline Trio: Crimson

Alkaline Trio - Crimson cover.jpg


Crimson is an album filled with dark tones, deep and meaningful themes, and a lot to take in. One song that sticks out to me is the track “Sadie”, which took many listens to finally really grab me. Then, after researching the song a little more and finding out that it is about the Manson family, I was forever hooked. I find myself singing along to songs like Time To Waste, Mercy Me, Sadie, and one of my favorites from the latter half of the album, Back To Hell. The cover gives a good vibe to this album. It’s dark, its poetic, its chaotic, it’s beautiful.

1. Time To Waste  10/10
2. The Poison  8/10
3. Burn  10/10
4. Mercy Me 10/10
5. Dethbed  8/10
6. Settle For Satin  8/10
7. Sadie  10/10
8. Fall Victim  9/10
9. I Was A Prayer  8/10
10. Prevent This Tragedy  8/10
11. Back To Hell  10/10
12. Your Neck  8/10
13. Smoke  8/10

Grade: (88.46) B+


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