The Used: Artwork

The Used - Artwork.jpg


“Artwork” is an interesting album when you look at the overall body of work that “The Used” had produced prior as well as since. This album did get some negative reviews upon it’s release and it definitely stands out from the rest. This album has this sort of bitterness to it making it somewhat gritty at times and almost mopy at others. Another thing fans of the band probably notice is how lead singer, Bert McCracken, seemed to have pulled back a bit on his aggressive vocalizations which seem to have made their way back into the bands current sound. The dark, somewhat haunting imagery on the albums cover is a good hint at the overall tone and feel of the music it contains. Overall, this album produced a few really good tracks such as the agressive natured track “Blood on My Hands”, the cleaver “Sold My Soul”, and one that I know got mixed feelings with fans, “Empty Without You”. This is one of the bands less impressive albums but I almost think this is an album that listeners will like or dislike based on their current mood. This album demonstrates a lot of raw emotion and somewhat of a dark overtone and I think given the listeners current mood or emotions, this album may be great or it may not seem so good. This is one that I wouldn’t judge or set aside until you have given in a couple listens through. I wouldn’t say this album is bad or great, its somewhere in the middle. But, depending on the listener, this album has a range of potential.

My Favorite Tracks
Blood on My Hands
Sold My Soul

Grade: 6.9 (D+)


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