Unwritten Law: Here’s To The Mourning

Unwritten Law - Here's to the Mourning cover.jpg


Here’s To The Mourning is the follow-up to Unwritten Law’s mainstream success, Elva. While this is the bands fifth album, for many this was the second dose of the band. The band brings in some electronic elements into this album and you hear it right from the very beginning with the intro track which builds into a fast paced drum beat with some guitars which climaxes to kick things off into the energized track, Get Up. This album has a certain energy and feel to it that really makes it special. These songs have this very personal feel to them but it’s not necessarily always the lyrical content which makes them feel personal. Songs like Because of You, Save Me, and Walrus have some more personal lyrical content while songs like Celebration, Lost Control, I Like the Way, and Rejections Cold have a more inclusive sort of vibe to them. This is an album that I feel has maintained its value over time and I still give it a listen pretty often.

1. Intro   4 stars
2. Get Up   5 stars
3. Celebration Song   4 stars
4. Because of You   4.5 stars
5. Lost Control   4.5 stars
6. Save Me   5 stars
7. I Like The Way   5 stars
8. Slow Dance   4 stars
9. She Says   5 stars
10. Rejections Cold   4 stars
11. F.I.G.H.T.   4 stars
12. Walrus   4 stars

Grade: 88.33 (B+)


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