Billy Talent: Billy Talent II



Billy Talent II is the follow-up album to “Billy Talent” which was a raw, straightforward punk album with a good amount of aggression both lyrically and vocally. This time around the band seemed to lighten up a little and add some melody into the mix. For the most part, this album is up-tempo but not as aggressive as “Billy Talent” was. The sound however, is a natural progression from that album. The first track “Devil in a Midnight Mass” kicks off the album with it’s aggressive nature with the likes of the bands first album and puts forth the topic of religion using fear to control people. “This Suffering” is a bit more poetic and melodic. “Worker Bees” is a song punk fans will most likely enjoy due to its theme and fight back mentality. “Fallen Leaves” is a well blended track that exemplifies the bands poetic writing yet again and works as a great sing along track. “Surrender” continues the more poetic nature of this album and is lower key compared to most of the music on the bands prior album. The last two albums of the album “Sympathy” and “Burn the Evidence” finish the album with a bang that is powerful and leaves you wanting more. This album lets off on some of the edge that was displayed on the previous album and dives a little deeper into the emotional side while not becoming sappy. This album is good but it’s just deeper and more emotion filled than the bands debut album.

My Favorite Tracks
Devil In a Midnight Mass
This Suffering
Worker Bees
Fallen Leaves

Grade: 8.1 (B-)

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