Foals: What Went Down

What went down cover.jpg


Foals is a band that I personally just discovered after hearing the hype that this new album was getting. Upon listening to this album it makes me think of other modern bands such as Imagine Dragons, The Black Keys, and even in some way or another Coldplay. “What Went Down”  is full of emotionally driven tracks that demonstrate passion, ranging from some bitterness and anger to joy. The lead track on the album “What Went Down” is an interesting track about becoming bitter and vengeful after giving someone your heart only to have it thrown back in your face. The song really sets the tone well for the rest of the album both lyrically and instrumentally. “Mountain At My Gates” is a track that really makes me think of Imagine Dragons with the style of vocalizations and instrumental builds. I swear I cannot hear this song without thinking of that band because it sounds so similar both in style and vocalizations. One track that I wasn’t to crazy about was “Albatross”, I feel like it is a decent song but it’s just overpowered by the instrumentals causing it to lose some of it’s potential effect. But that could just be my personal preference. “Snake Oil” is a groovy tune that has the feels of a Black Keys type song with it’s garage rock type sound and reverb. It’s a track that somewhat jumps off into a different direction from the previous tracks on the album and works as somewhat of a rejuvenation. “London Thunder” is a simple, melodic track that sings of longing for someone to return and grasping at every chance to hold on. The track starts, what seems like a sort of downward spiral of emotions in the albums last three songs. I would catalog this album into the likes of the three bands I mentioned at the beginning of the review. It’s fun at times, deep and emotional at others, and peacefully ambient as well. This is a really enjoyable album from start to finish. It’s not one that you need to necessarily sing along to in order to enjoy. It works as a great listen for relaxation, a nice drive, or even a rainy day. Believe the hype, this album is pretty good!

My Favorite Tracks
What Went Down
Mountain At My Gates
Snake Oil
London Thunder

Grade: 8.9 (B+)

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