Atreyu: Long Live



Long Live is the first album in six years from Atreyu! This album revisits some of the sounds and styles of the bands earlier days with some tracks that hearken back to “Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses” (2002) and “The Curse” (2004). The band seemed to clean up their sound a little with “Lead Sails, Paper Anchor” (2007) and then brought back more agression with “Congregation of the Damned” (2009). This album is the product of everything the band has done to date and I think it is something fans of the bands earlier albums will really enjoy. “Long Live” kicks the album off with some hard rock and re-establishes the bands aggression from its earlier days while maintaining a smooth rendition of lyrics throughout. “Cut Off The Head” starts off with this doom metal feel and builds to another aggressive track with a catchy chorus and well balanced exchange vocals between the two singers. “Do You Know Who You Are” is a great hard rock track that is simple and to the point with beautiful sounding guitar riffs throughout. This song really draws from the bands strength of melody that is sometimes overlooked due to their more aggressive nature. “Brass Balls” is a song similar to some tracks off of “Lead Sails, Paper Anchor”, it’s almost like a mix of “Blow” and “Falling Down” in some way to me. It really emphasizes on the guitar solos like they seemed to do on that album as well. Long Live is an album that should sit well with Atreyu fans both new and old. It draws from the old and embraces the new. It really feels like this album touches on everything the band has done in the past but doesn’t feel like any sort of re-hash. This is a pretty solid album for having a 6 year stretch since their last release.

Grade: 8.8 (B+)

Notable Tracks
Long Live
Cut Off the Head
Do You Know Who You Are?
Brass Balls

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