Metric: Pagans In Vegas



I first got wind of this band a few years back with the release of the album (Synthetica) or incentive gone back and listen to their prior album to that; (Fantasies). Metric has an overall sound that reminds me of The Cardigans which is most likely the reason I gravitated towards his band when I first heard them. The first track on the album, “Lie Lie Lie” is a good demonstration of a simple pop song that works well with it simple nature. The song is catchy nature makes for a great intro track as well as an attention grabber. The music of this album produces different vibes throughout. For example, “Lie Lie Lie” is more of a fun upbeat and almost somewhat political type of song; then songs like “Celebrate” and “Other Side” have more of a laid-back synth pop sound. For the most part, the songs on this album are what I have come to expect from this band. The last two tracks on the album are pure synth instrumentals without vocals. This is something I found a little odd. I can understand using one for an outro, but to have two of them back to back is almost a tease. Maybe if one of these tracks where placed in the middle of the album it wouldn’t be so bad but it’s almost like the album ends on track 10 and just has an extra eight and a half minutes of background sound. The actual last song is “The Governess”, a low-key track that has this vibe of wasting away while fighting an oppressive power…at least that’s what I got from it. This album isn’t bad, but compared to the bands previous two albums I can’t say I am impressed. This album has it’s few moments but falls short of the level upon which the bands previous two albums held. It can be slow at times but fun at others. In the end, this is nothing to special from a band that has the potential of making something great.

Grade: 7.7 (C)

My Favorite Tracks
Lie, Lie, Lie
Blind Valentine

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