Disturbed: Immortalized

Disturbed immortalized cover.jpg


“This is war time, this is our time we won’t be denied! Feel the fire that is raging inside” are the first words we hear on the title track “Immortalized”: a track that packs a punch and sings of leaving your mark on the world. Two tracks that stands out are “The Light” and “The Sound of Silence”. These two tracks take on more of a mellow vibe which works well at the two points of the album that they appear. “The Sound of Silence” has this almost lullaby feel to it which some fans may not like but it’s done in a way that really fits in. “Never Wrong” is another track that I feel long time fans will probably really appreciate. It has a very nice build, an aggressive nature, and a catchy chorus that makes you want to sing along. “Tyrant” is another catchy, song that uses the same type of formula that some of this bands most popular songs have used in the past with a punchy beat and lyrics to go along with it. This album has a few great songs on it but I know some people may think of it as another album using the same formulas and almost rehashing ideas.  Disturbed fans will most likely love it and to general rock fans it may not seem as great.In the end, Immortalized is a great return album from a band that hasn’t put out a new album in 5 years! I stand in the middle with this one. I have seen negative reviews that I don’t think this album deserved and of very positive reviews praising it. I stand in the middle here. It’s definitely not bad and I can’t say its amazing. It has a few great songs and the rest are good. It’s enjoyable with a few sparks.

Grade: 7.9 (C+)

My Favorite Tracks
The Eye of the Storm
The Vengeful One
Never Wrong


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