Sublime With Rome: Sirens


Sublime With Rome seem to be loved by some and hated by others. It’s understandable that the continuation of a great band without its original lead singer and founding member may not settle to well with some fans but, if the music is enjoyable, why not enjoy it? Sirens is the second release under the new name after 2011’s album “Truly Yours”. Sirens works well with the sound that was established on the first album and feels more natural for this band. There are some punk elements mixed into the track “Run and Hide” which sounds like early sublime. At the end of the day this is an album full of fun music. It’s nothing I would call special or amazing but, it works as an enjoyable ska, reggae album with a good hit or two.

1. Sirens (Feat. Dirty Heads)  4 stars
2. Wherever You Go   4.5 stars
3. Brazilia   3.5 stars
4. House Party   2.5 stars
5. Been Losing Sleep   3.5 stars
6. Promise Land Dub   3 stars
7. Best of Me   3.5 stars
8. Put Down Your Weapon   3.5 stars
9. Run and Hide   3 stars
10. Skankin’   4 stars
11. Gasoline   4 stars

Grade: 70.91 (C-)


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