Five Finger Death Punch: Got Your Six



I feel like this band has either lost its touch or just hasn’t really had any new tricks since their first two albums “The Way of the Fist” and “War is the Answer”. I decided to give this new album a try in hopes that maybe it would be more along the lines of those first two albums as bands tend to revisit their earlier work after 4 or 5 albums. The Fist track on the album “Got Your Six” is somewhat along the lines of what made this band good on those first two albums but has a sort of disconnect. There is only one track on this album that I really liked and it was the track “My Nemesis” that comes about midway through. The track really exemplifies a nice build and vocals that sound great compared to anything else on this album. It’s a track that could fit into either of the two albums I mentioned above. I did see an article where the bands drummer was saying that this album is more brutal than what they have done in the past. I would agree with that and that to me, is what hurts this album. It almost sounds like this band is trying to be Slipknot 2.0 except for one thing…Slipknot is much, much better. I’m really not sure if fans of FFDP will see this album as I do or if they will enjoy it because it is more brutal. For me though, I will say that the bands first two albums where much, much better. This is somewhat of a letdown and there was only one track I could really get into and a few that where just not good. Give it a try if you like the band but don’t expect anything too special unless you are just looking for a slug-fest with almost no particular angle. Maybe the drummer was right, this album is brutal. But not in the way he meant.

Notable Tracks
Got Your Six
My Nemesis

Grade: 6.5 (D)


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