Sum 41: Underclass Hero



Underclass Hero is an album that stands out from the crowd in the discography of Sum 41. This is due to its more pop influenced sound as well as it’s more personal content. The nature of this album is very personal and lead singer, Deryck Whimbley portrays these emotions in more of a melodic and reflective way as opposed to an aggressive or brash manner as some would expect from a band that has punk rock influences. I think this is where some fans tend to lose a little interest in this album. I think this style works well for this album and for the nature of the lyrical content that was written at the time. These songs would lose their personal touch if they where presented in an aggressive fashion.

1. Underclass Hero    5 stars
2. Walking Disaster   5 stars
3. Speak of the Devil   4.5 stars
4. Dear Father   4.5 stars
5. Count Your Blessings   4 stars
6. Ma Poubelle   3 stars
7. March of the Dogs   4 stars
8. The Jester   3.5 stars
9. With Me   5 stars
10. Pull The Curtain   4 stars
11. King of Contradiction   4 stars
12. Best of Me   5 stars
13. Confusion and Frustration In Modern Times   4 stars
14. So Long Goodbye   4 stars
15. Look At Me   4 stars

Grade: 84.67 (B)


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