Collective Soul: See What You Started By Continuing


Collective Soul is a band I remember hearing on the radio when I was a kid. This band has been around since the early 90’s and is well known for their hits “Shine”, “December”, and “The World I Know”. It’s been six years since they released a new album and I just found out about this one being released so I had to check it out! This album actually turns out to be a pretty good, solid, rock album! Song’s such as “This”, “Hurricane”, and “Confession” are what make this album great! Contagious is a fun, love song without all of the sappiness. “AYTA” and “Contagious” sound like hits from the 90’s adding a bit of nostalgia to the solidity of this album!  “Memoirs of 2005” is another really good song on this album that just captures some feels and goes right along with the other great tracks on this album. If your a fan of this band or just someone that grew up in the 90’s listening to some great alternative rock (not to say all modern music sucks or anything); this album will be both nostalgic and almost heart warming with it’s sound, style, and overall vibe! I wasn’t so sure about how good this album would be before listening to it but I have grown to like it more and more with each listen! This band is still really good and has stayed true to what they established themselves as over 20 years ago!

Grade: 8.2 (B-)

Notable Tracks
Memoirs of 2005

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