All-American Rejects: Kids In The Street

Kids in the Street.jpg


The All-American Rejects really hit the nail on the head in terms of what they where going fro on this album! They aimed to put guitar and a whole band back into pop music which isn’t something we see so much anymore. This is still a rock album, it just explores some pop elements. One thing to note is that all of these songs have heart. None of the songs on this album feel forced, in-genuine, or out of place. What I admire about this album is that it explores some new territory while maintaining the core identity of an established band. This is a good example of branching out your sound with good taste.

1. Someday’s Gone   4 stars
2. Beekeeper’s Daughter   5 stars
3. Fast and Slow   5 stars
4. Heartbeat Slowing Down   4 stars
5. Walk Over Me   4 stars
6. Out The Door   4 stars
7. Kids In The Street   5 stars
8. Bleed Into Your Mind   4 stars
9. Gonzo   3.5 stars
10. Affection   3.5 stars
11. I For You   4 stars
12. Drown Next To Me    4 stars

Grade:  83.33 (B)


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